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    'I don't wanna talk about it'


    #academia #independence #fishing


    'So hard not to look at your own face, isn't it?'


    #climate #williamcarloswilliams #farming


    'it's always good to have a free hand when you have a boyfriend'


    #mozart #marriage #immigrant


    'I'm going somewhere, ladies'


    #celerysoap #entrepreneurs


    'I haven't changed the sheets in three months'


    #rebound #queer #personalhygiene


    'I'm just a simple man'


    #crazyex #summertime


    'I might sound like a jerk but that's because I am'


    #monogamy #looks #winner


    'it's not so much about looking back at the horror stories but looking forward to the romantic comedies'


    #fame #spagetti #redflags


    'I don't want any drama at home at all'


    #luxury #jazz #career


    'before my soul became a dark, dark place'


    #scrubthatwall #cleanse


    'what kind of a world is it where men don't even want sex anymore?!'


    #hookup #hesaidno #hesaidnoagain


    'is this thing on?'


    #bodegalife #homesweethome


    'the way you say good morning'


    #singer-nonwriter #crushed


    'I have a plan'


    #trump #democraticrace #burbon


    'finding a partner is gonna be easier than finding the next gig'


    #art #sex #meaning


    'feeling yourself being touched, poked, tickled perhaps'


    #vincentprice #hahahahahaha...


    'I've become romantic with myself'

    'don't be a snob'


    #morningroutine #babycobra


    'all I see is fabric softener and I'm scared'


    #call4data #emergency


    'ice cubes that are just the right shape'


    #boardgames #coffee #callme


    'why not have a lifetime of humor?'


    #datingdoctor #comedian

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  • About Us

    Welcome to the new Slow Dating Movement, a much needed break from swiping and multitasking.


    Our dating app prides itself on helping you never spiral into messaging, texting and eventually ghosting before or shortly after meeting a new person.


    Once you sign up and upload a 2-minute video, you can view the full catalogue of profiles. And voila! You're part of the CALL2DATE.CLUB.


    Yes, videos! It's easy breezy.

    We never ever use images, since we deeply believe that it takes at least two minutes of watching a person live to get a sense of their essence and potential compatibility.


    When someone you see on the app is a YES OH YES!, the first step is to unlock their phone number.


    Yes! We're Retro that way!

    If there is a match, you two can then communicate directly, IRL, over the phone, and make plans for your first date.

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